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Body Awareness Classes

Body awareness, or proprioception, is the ability to know where and how your body is oriented in your surroundings (per healthline.com).
There are many exercises we can do to help our dogs with their body awareness, which can help prevent injuries not only while competing in sports, but in everyday life.  I also use many body awareness exercises to get precise positions in rally and obedience, better heeling, turns and backing up, along with in their fitness programs.

Having body awareness is important for all dogs, whether they compete in sports or not.  Body awareness can reduce the risk of injury to your dogs while they are participating in sports, out on a hike, or even playing in the house or yard.

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Body Awareness Class Description

In the Body Awareness Class, your dog will learn how to move their body in an efficient way. This includes moving each foot separately, balancing, turning tightly, collection, rear end awareness and moving over uneven surfaces.  Along with learning how to move, they will strengthen the muscles that are used in all these movements. This is a must have class for all dogs!
Online course: $199

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Keep your Dog’s Mind and Body Working Using Cones Class Description

In the "Using Cones" class we will learn 30 fun games to keep your dog's mind and body working. You will get 5 games a week with each building on what you learned the previous week.
Online Course: $125

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body awareness training for your dog

Canine Warm-Up and Cool-Down Exercises

Tip Top Dogs Training
General Fitness Classes

Our General Fitness Classes are designed to safely implement effective exercise programs for any breed or age of dog. As a CPCFT, Brenda cannot work with dogs that have injuries or are compromised in any way. All healthy dogs are welcome to participate in these classes.

Warm-Up and Cool-Down Exercises are as important for your dogs as they are for humans when participating in a fitness program.

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The Importance of Warming Up and Cooling Down

Making sure that your dog is in shape before training or competing in sports is so important! There is no way to prevent all injuries, but it is important to do all we can in order to minimize the chances that our dog gets injured. Proper warm up and cool downs help reduce injury. Having exercises you can do without equipment makes warming up and cooling down at practice or a trial much easier!

Warm-Up and Cool-Down Class Benefits

A properly warmed up dog is less likely to sustain an injury. When warming your dog up, you should be targeting the muscle groups which are going to be used by actively moving them through all planes of motion to improve blood flow circulation which will reduce the resistance and increase flexibility. Warming up helps to maximize the range of motion of your dog and will focus your dog’s mind to prepare them to work. It will also help the joints move smoothly. Your warm up should take about 10 minutes and gradually increase in intensity and speed. Your warm up is also the perfect time to see if your dog is showing any signs of lameness or discomfort. If you see any signs that your dog is in some way compromised, you should not train or compete until you have had the issue assessed by a veterinarian to prevent making the problem worse.

When cooling down your dog, you should be going at a consistent speed, such as a fast walk or trot. Cooling down your dog gets your dog’s muscles ready for the next training session or event. Cooling down will deliver oxygen and nutrients to the muscle fibers which will help with the repair of microtrauma in the muscle fibers that occurred during exercise. It also eases pain perception from the microtrauma or minor injuries by realigning the muscle fibers. The exercises given in this class can be performed at a slower speed than for the warm up during your cool down. A fast walk and stretching is a good way to end your cool down.
Online Course: $199

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Introduction to Fitbone™

Fitbone™ - prop in dog training10 ways to use your Fitbone™... This prop helps improve your dogs coordination and strength. It can be used as a touch target or obstacle. It also improves joint health and reduces stress.
Online Course: $99

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Tip Top Dogs Training
JRT Classes

If you've ever been around a Jack Russell Terrier, you know that they are high-energy dogs!

Extremely intelligent and active, they are well-suited for dog sports such as Barn Hunts, Rally and Agility competitions. In addition to our JRT Fitness and Conditioning Classes, we have a whole website devoted to Rally Training.

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JRT Fitness & Conditioning Foundations for Trials

When you enter Jack Russell Terrier trials, you will see that they use their bodies in ways most sport dogs don’t. They are running over uneven surfaces while hunting, crawling in tunnels, jumping over hurdles, and running as fast as they can!  We want to make sure that our dogs are properly exercised in a way to strengthen the muscles used for these behaviors along with having them in perfect condition to be able to excel at trials.  A proper exercise routine can help prevent injury as well as improving their performance and speed.
Online Course: $199

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JRT Warm-up and Cool-down Class Description

See Benefits of Warm Up and Cool Down Classes in the General Fitness Section above.

The Jack Russell Terrier Warm Up and Cool Down Class focuses on the specific activites unique to JRT Trials.
Online Course: $199

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Jack Russell Class Bundle

The JRT Bundle includes the following classes: Jack Russell Warm Up and Cool Down, JRT Fitness and Conditioning Foundations 1, and Intro to Fitbone. You also receive feedback on submitted videos and questions, as well as access to the training material and Tip Top Dogs Community for 1 year!
Special Rate: $299

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Jack Russell Terrier training classes

Canine Warm-Up and Cool-Down Exercises

Rally A2Z Dog Training Classes

The Rally A2Z method is a whole new way to teach Rally obedience using body awareness exercises, platforms, foot targets and other props. Our classes are designed for you to have fun with your dog, and eliminate any stress normally associated with training your dog.
Getting started in Rally is easy when you have an effective, proven path to follow.
Go from little to no training to being ready to enter your first trial. Progress all the way up to Masters. The Novice Class is now available online! Intermediate through Masters classes will be coming soon!

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Rally A2Z Novice Class

In the novice class, you will learn how to perform 42 signs using body awareness exercises, and optional props and platforms. You will learn the 42 AKC signs and how to proof your dog, add distractions, and reducing reinforcers. The class will all be taught in a progression of lessons so your dog has a full understanding of what is being asked.
You will learn step by step how to teach all the signs. You will learn how to practice without setting up a course.

Rally A2Z Novice Class Details

Class Includes:

  • Material released over 12 weeks
  • 69 lessons
  • 250+ videos
  • Access to class and video feedback for 1 year

Online Course: $599

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For specialized training programs specific to your dog's age, breed, and health, we offer 1:1 consultations and Custom Fitness and Conditioning Programs.